Are you tired of spending your whole day behind a desk but feeling as if you spent the entire day working on a farm throwing hay bales? Do you love gaming and surfing the Internet but hate the way that it affects your body over time? If you do, the folks behind Posture Now might have a solution for you.

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Posture Now is a very simple device.

It consists of neoprene armbands an elasticized sized strap that goes between them. You put the armbands on your upper arms and run the strap across your back. This can be done over or under your clothing, depending upon your preference.

The elastic band is designed so that it will not restrict your movement, but it does encourage you to sit in the proper position. That being said, the manufacturer still does recommend that you don’t use the device while you are driving or doing anything else that might require you to move very quickly in possibly anatomically incorrect, but very necessary, ways.


The Posture Now Back Brace.

More at http://www.betterposture.net/.

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Posture Now, at least according to the manufacturer, is designed to work on the concept of muscle memory. By gently encouraging you to sit up straight, the idea is that you retrain your body so that you naturally sit in a proper position.

Obviously, the benefits of proper posture are well understood. When you sit in an anatomically correct way, it allows the muscles in your body to work correctly, can prevent some injuries – particularly repeated stress-related injuries – and generally makes you feel better. It also makes you look better, which is another benefit.

Posture Now has been shown on Discovery Health, Lifetime Networks and has been reviewed on Shark Tank.


Matt and Mark From Posture Now

Matt and Mark From Posture Now Talking About the Shark Tank Audition.

The publicity

Because of the publicity the device has gotten, there are plenty of reviews of Posture Now to be found on the Internet. According to a reviewer named Matt on MedicineZine.com, the device works pretty well. His review includes the following glowing statement:

“I’m subconsciously reminded to keep myself in proper position throughout the day.I’m still using it (though I’m finding that I need it less and less over time), and my posture really has improved. At the same time, I’m experiencing less back and neck pain, which is a fantastic added bonus.” Source: MedicineZine.com

What Matt’s talking about in his review is exactly what the manufacturer claims their device will do. The idea is that you learn how to maintain good posture by using the device and, over time, you won’t need it anymore because you will have learned to sit up straight and keep your arms in the proper position.

Other reviewers have complained about the sizing of the device and you should keep this in mind. If you happen to be a weightlifter, XL size might not actually be extra large enough for you, even though that size might fit where clothing is concerned.

Watch Out

Some users have complained that the manufacture of Posture Now is not of a very high quality. They’ve complained of the stitching falling out and that the construction hasn’t lived up to their expectations. Reviewers on Amazon.com have also complained that they found the device difficult to put on. If you do have serious problems with flexibility in your upper body or back, this may be an issue, owing to the positioning of the device.

As always, make sure you ask your physician about any pain you might be having that you are trying to correct with Posture Now, as posture Now may not be how to correct bad posture if you have an underlying medical condition.

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Make certain that you feel that you will be able to use this device properly, meaning that you can get it on in the proper position, before you buy it. If you really do have a lot of flexibility problems with your arms and your back, this might not be quite the right brace for you. You might not even be able to get it on.

Read more information on Posture Now and see if it is how to fix the bad posture that has been plaguing you. There is a lot of information on this product available, so take a look and see if it is exactly what you’ve been looking for to deal with your own issues.


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